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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Math this Week- Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Parent info Regarding Inquiry Project

I will post updates every day to help you if you are unsure what is expected.

Tuesday, Feb 24
The 5 day action plan has not been introduced to the kids yet. Yesterday, and today they have been and will be required to work on a persuasive argument on a topic of health for their age group.
Such as: exercise improves memory, drinking water leads to a healthier body.

When the students get to the 5 day action plan it will be:
Students will write a journal or action plan for 5 days of eating and living healthy.
This will include what you might eat for those 5 days based on the food guide, examples of exercise that includes the recommended min. 1 hour per day exercise.

Since this is an inquiry project students are given the 'deadlines' to keep them on track. Like yesterday morning, each student set goals for themselves what they will work on each day to 'keep on track'. This self-regulation and ability to work independently is a curricula outcome and deems difficult for a few yet successful for many. Every Monday, we have a Beginning With the End in Mind that we discuss and refer to during the week. These are important items that need to be accomplished by Friday.

As for the 5 day action plan, that is not on the immediate agenda yet as students are presently working on:
cover- done
critical analysis of 2 articles/commercials/ads- done
creative creation of 2 ads (one healthy living/ one on your interest)- needs to be done asap (this week)
--persuasive letter (this follows the writing process)  persuasive argument on a topic of health for their age group (needs to be done asap/ this week)
--This week they will be writing SMART goals how to improve their writing/ inquiry project components based on specific feedback given from me on their work to date. I have been working on a few binders per day conferencing with each student one-one. Once they have a conference then they work on their SMART goal.
Pics of what my feedback looks like:

Pics of all magazine articles/projects that are due for the week-- forms that they need

I hope this helps.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Glance at our Week

Magazines are coming along:) Cover page due this Friday and autobiography due on Monday.
Some have started the next project for their magazine:

A Glance at our Week on PhotoPeach

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Area and Perimetre on PhotoPeach

Math Area and Perimetre: Project- Lake and Island Board

Arts Ed: Critiquing Art- George Littlechild The Spirit Giggle Within.


Phys. ED Students Create and Lead a Stretching Routine


ELA: Literature Circles: A Stranger at Home (Sequel to Fatty Legs, a true story about residential schools)